Zero interest in old dog with just hours left to live

Update 4/16/19: Safe thanks to last minute rescue and foster offer!

There has been zero interest in an old dog who now has just hours left to live. On Monday afternoon, the Facebook page, Friends of West Valley Animal Shelter, explained the dire and depressing situation for seven-year-old Bruno:

This is our last ditch effort to save old man Bruno. His story will end in two hours if no one steps for him.
This poor guy has never known what is like to have a home, a family to call his own. He was used and than when he got old, discarded in trash….like a pair of torn outgrown shoes. Trashed aside and abandoned.


Bruno doesn’t feel well. When we had him in the yard yesterday, he kept laying down. His body is tired and achy, and his heart filled with sadness. He has no one, no family, no friends, and never had a home. And he’s finding out now that NOBODY WANTS HIM 😔💔 There has been zero rescue interest, not even one phone call. That’s his sad existence, a heartbreaking reality. 

The clock is ticking. Will anyone step up to show Bruno that the there are caring people in the world? Is there anyone who will show him that he does matter?

ID # A1836496

West Valley Shelter (CA), 818-756-9325

Facebook thread here.

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