Zoo in Canada closing for good because of Covid – animals need somewhere to go

The Covid-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on businesses across the globe, and zoos are suffering as well because of plummeting funds resulting from banned visitors. A zoo in Canada has announced they they are being forced to close permanently because of the current crisis, and now the animals in their care now need somewhere to go.

As reported by Global News, the Cherry Brook Zoo is in the process of closing for good because of “severe financial pressures.” And 60 plus animals now need somewhere new to live.

“It’s been a personal nightmare, I think, to find ourselves in the situation where we’re actually…. you know, it’s officially closing,” said Martha McDevitt, executive director of Cherry Brook Zoo. “It’s like comparable to a death. The death of a dream. The death of a passion, a passion for the city and the community.”

According to CBC News, finding appropriate homes for the big cats is the biggest concern facing the zoo. McDevitt explained:

They need proper homes, and, you know, the space,” she said. “Not many facilities just have open areas to take in dangerous animals.”

Currently, the zoo has no leads with regards to rehoming the cats, and if appropriate living arrangements can’t be located, the cats may have to be euthanized.

Find the zoo’s website here.

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