A 5 lb. Dachshund Cares for a 500 lb. Disabled Lion. This Will Touch Your Soul!

This unlikely friendship is just incredible! Lions are known to be the king of the jungle. They are one of nature’s deadliest predators. Who would’ve thought that a 500 lb lion would become friends with three Dachshunds!

However, Bonedigger is not your usual lion. Bonedigger is friends with 3 little Dachshund dogs! When they first met, it seems that the puppies instinctively knew that Bonedigger has a metabolic bone disease. Bonedigger was just 4 weeks old when they met and it seemed like the puppies wanted to protect him. One of Bonedigger’s doggy friends is named Milo. Milo is especially close with Bonedigger; he loves to take care of him and even imitates Bonedigger’s roar! Watch the video of their amazing friendship below!

This is by far the most amazing unlikely animal friendships I have ever seen! I was so scared at first to watch a lion getting so close with those little dogs! What was your reaction when you first saw them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

  • SoCal-Ex Dem

    Scared me at first, but they seem to be compatible. I still don’t want a lion for my dogs.

  • Vexious

    doesn’t appear to be much connection between them at all, just co-existence….which itself is pretty amazing.

    • LemonHeart

      ^^ This.

  • Jason Volde

    I didn’t get it, I was more impressed by the guy nonchalantly raking the pen with his back to the music…also, I could have done without the theme music.

  • ChiCity4life

    I wonder if Bonedigger is responsible for the legless caretaker

    • dinalynn

      I was just thinking how will that guy get away if that lion decides to attack!!! your reply was much better though!

      • David Dailey

        you must not have seen the gun he was carrying… lol

        • thinkingwomanmillstone

          By the time he drops the rake, turns around, removed the handgun from the holster, no more caretaker. He has his back to the lion and more than likely would be caught before he could even drop the rake. Wild animals are perfectly ‘trained’ until that first time they are not. Just ask Siegfried and Roy.

  • David Dailey

    Those things are probably supposed to be its food…

  • catherine north

    those are NOT 5 lb weiner dogs! they are at least 12-15 lbs. I’ve seen another video that showed them interacting that was much better

  • Oren

    Can we talk about the amazing double amputee guy who is boldly raking leaves in a pen with a full grown lion.