The 10 Best Toys for Small Dogs

Wondering what the best toys are for your tiny toy pup? Here are 10 of the best toys for your itty bitty family member. Do you have a favorite mini toy we missed? Share in the comments below.

1 – Mini Sqwuggie Dog Toy

This is the perfect tug toy for your small dog. They are durable, have a squeaker, and are made to fit your dog’s small mouth, which can be hard to find in tug toys. They even float and are made in the USA.


2 – Air Kong Squeaky X-small Tennis Balls

These little tennis balls are durable, squeaky, and even a tiny Chihuahua mouth can carry them around. They are perfect for your small but mighty fetcher.


3 –  Tiny Turtle

This tiny toy is made of durable corduroy fabric with a squeaker inside. Its small size is ideal for your tiny pup that likes to play hard. Made in the USA by West Paw Design®.


4 – Li’l Boogey

Another fun toy from West Paw Design®, this one is super soft with a squeaker inside. Perfect for dogs that like to play as well as snuggle their toys.


5 – Sturdi Saucers

Does your teenie chiweenie love to play Frisbee but can’t carry that huge, heavy disc? Then get one of these. The small is a bit smaller than a regular disc but the best part is it weighs practically nothing. Made of nylon, they are flexible (won’t hurt if it accidentally hits your dog) and much easier for little mouths to carry. They fly amazing as well.


6 – X-small KONG

A lot of the activity toys are made for larger dogs, which is why we love the KONG® Classic because it comes in x-small. It’s the perfect thing to give him when you need something to keep him busy.


7 – Hide-a-Squirrel Dog Toy

These fun toys allow your dog to “pull them apart” over and over come in a junior size that is great for little dogs. It can provide hours in entertainment as they try to get the squirrels out of the trunk.


8 – Li’l Pals Basketball Tug Toy

Another tug for tiny mouths, this one has two tiny 2″ balls, one at each end, that squeak. It’s sure to make your little pup happy as he fetches and tugs.


9 – Dr. Noys Really Tiny Toys

These just might be the smallest dog toys on the market. These soft toys have a Velcro backing so you can replace the squeaker should it get punctured.


10 – Little Brown Pup

If your dog is a “destuffer” than you need this tiny toy. It has no-stuffing and a squeaker that squeaks even when punctured.


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