The 10 Most Cat Friendly Dog Breeds

Do you already have a feline but want to add a canine companion to your household? These breeds are generally known for being good with cats. However, remember these are just generalizations and there are exceptions to every rule. Be sure you take care and properly (slowly) introduce your dog and cat. Contacting a dog trainer for help can make the introduction safer.

1 – Golden Retriever

The Golden is just a nice, all-around dog that gets along with everything. He should be fine with any cats you have in the house.


2 – Bichon Frisé

He is known throughout the dog world for his happy-go-lucky personality. Truly, this breeds seem to love everyone and everything, so a cat shouldn’t be a problem.


3 – Labrador Retriever

Like the Golden, the Lab makes a great all-around pet and is usually fine with cats. As long as he doesn’t think he needs to retrieve the cat for you (most cats wouldn’t appreciate a ride in a dog’s mouth, no matter how “soft” his bite is), they should get along great.


4 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavi is described by the American Kennel Club as a “trustworthy companion of children and thrives as part of a family” . They are the ultimate house pet and get along fine with cats for the most part.


5 – Papillion

The “butterfly” dog was bred as a noblewomen’s lap pet. As such, it is a happy breed and adapts quickly to any living environment, including one with cats.


6 – Maltese

This breed is known for a gentle, mild nature, making them a great family dog for a multi-species household. Just make sure you cat doesn’t pick on them!


7 – Pug

The pug is an adaptable little dog that is really up for anything. As long as he is getting attention, he doesn’t mind sharing his home.


8 – Basset Hound

The Basset Hound has a reputation for being lazy. Not sure if he just doesn’t have the energy to go after a cat, or that he likes the company, but most of them get along just fine with a feline roommate.


9 – Boxer

The lively and playful boxer does well with cats, as long as the cat does not mind a dog that wants to play. If you have a cat that wants a dog to ignore him, the boxer is probably not a good choice. But if your kitty enjoys getting in on the action, the two will become fast friends.


10 – Newfoundland

This gentle giant does great with all types of animals. Bred to protect livestock, they don’t seem to extend that to other living beings and have no issues with cats.


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