10 Good Samaritans Refuse to Let 300 Homeless Dogs Starve and Freeze to Death

These 10 animal rescuers may have saved hundreds of street dogs but they also inspired villagers, businesses and the municipality to make a difference too. That’s what I call true heroes! #adoptdontshop #rescue

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In Ankara, Turkey adoption rates are low. People prefer to buy dogs instead of adopting them. (Çiğdemin Patileri is a Facebook page that posts about street animals in the Çiğdem neighborhood.)

The make shift rescue, created by a group of people with a shared passion for animals is only 10 people. But these 10 people take care of 300 dogs and cats on a daily basis.

They are feeding them, providing medical attention, sterilization, trying to find homes, even going to schools to educate students about animal rescue and welfare.

They are working to make a difference in the community. They are fighting to be heard. And they have been heard.

Their work has received attention as local businesses and the municipality have donated their time and efforts in creating shelters for dogs and cats. Locals are taking to helping with feeding the strays too but the group is committed to making sure every last dog in Turkey finds a home.

Burcu, one of the rescuers, believes their greatest need is for a clear infrastructure when it comes to strays that just end up on the streets or in the overcrowded shelters. They also more assistance, especially with regards to spaying or neutering in their neighborhood.

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