10 Hilarious Tweets Show How Much Owners Are Willing To Spend On Their Dogs

As pet parents, we take our jobs seriously. Our animals probably get the best of everything. We do our best to take care of their every need, making sure that they have all their hearts’ desires. We spoil them rotten with plenty of toys. We make sure that they go on their annual vet visits. We spend lots of money on their food, especially if they prove to be picky eaters.

In short, there isn’t anything that we would not do for them. And there isn’t anything that we wouldn’t put up with for them, like when they hog our beds or refuse to let us get a good night’s sleep. Yet oftentimes, we feel like we’re alone in the ups and downs of being a pet parent. But pet parenthood is something that we share in common with a lot of people, and sometimes seeing it online through relatable tweets is what we need to remember we’re not actually alone.

Check out some funny tweets below:

1. We spend lots on them

2. Why we’re never able to save money

3. Collecting raincoats for our dogs

4. Doggie brunch is always a good idea

5. Sometimes we give money to dogs that aren’t even ours

6. Dressing them up in suits is a must

7. We all would do this, you’re not the first to wish for this

8. Why can’t our pets ever have cheap taste in food?

9. Showing dog breed pride is most certainly a thing

10. We all just want the best for our beloved pooches


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