10 Last Minute Homemade Gifts for Dogs

It’s the night before Christmas and you forgot the dog! No sweat! Here are 10 last-minute gifts you can make at home for your dog, so he won’t think he was on the naughty list Christmas Morning.

1 – No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Dogs love soft blankets and these are the easiest to make. Just buy a yard or two of fabric (depending on dog size), Fringe the edges, and tie! You can use two pieces tied together for a thicker blanket.


2 – Rag Tug

Have old shirts, towels or sweatshirts? Than you can make a rag tug! Simply cut whatever you have into strips, and then place a series of knots through the strips. You can ties strips together, braid them, whatever you can think of, there is no “wrong way” to make this toy.


3 – Fleece Tug

These are also an easy tug toy to make. Take three strips of fleece, tie them together, braid, and knot at the other end. Done.


4 – Stuffed Stocking

Take your dog’s stocking, buy some Velcro (sew-in is stronger, but you can also use the sticky kind if you are not a sewer) and put the Velcro on the opening. Fill it with his favorite treats, close it, and let him figure out how to rip open the stop to get the treats.


5 – Ice Cube Treats

Most dogs love ice cubes. This last minute gift is a cinch! Just pour some chicken or beef broth into your ice cube tray, add some dicex carrot, apple pieces, or whatever your dog likes and freeze overnight. He will have a nice treat on Christmas Morning.


6 – Shirt Blanket

If you sew, you can use your old t-shirts to make your dog a blanket. Simply cut into squares, sew the blocks together and sew onto a piece of fleece or other fabric you have lying around. If you have enough old shirts, you could use them for both sides. Your dog will love that it smells like you.


7 – Crinkle Sock

Take a long sock that has lost its mate or is old, put a bottle inside it, tie, and presto, instant dog toy.


8 – Tennis ball Treat Dispenser

This is a great way to make your own treat dispensing toy. Just slice open a tennis ball and fill with treats; couldn’t be easier.


9 – Muffin Tin Game

Another great one for tennis balls, especially ones that have lost their bounce. All you need to do is put some treats in the muffin tin (not all the spaces), put the tennis balls over them, and you are done. To make it harder, cut tennis balls in half and place in tin.


10 – Homemade Meal

Most dogs love food more than anything else, so if you forgot a gift, no worries! Just whip them up a special homemade dinner for Christmas and they will be plenty happy with you.


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