10 New Year’s Resolutions for Dogs

These ten dogs have New Year’s Resolutions…though some don’t seem truly committed to theirs.

1 – I will wear the cone of shame less

I don’t mean to wear the cone of shame all the time, but I like to get into things. And itch myself…a lot. This year, I am going to wear it less so the other dogs will stop calling me “satellite.”


2 – I will lick more, bite less

Everyone loves a licker, I’ve been told. So, I am going to lick the mailman next time he comes, instead of bite him. (Even if he is trespassing…)


3 – I won’t look in the garbage for treats

You get so mad (though I don’t really understand why), I will stop treat-diving in the garbage. (Even though you throw away some perfectly good morsels….waster…)


4 – I will run more

This is the year I will win the race to the water bowl at the dog park. I can feel it! Or, at least I won’t be last to the water bowl…


5 – I won’t chew on your chews anymore

I know this makes you mad. (Beside, I ate all the good ones already).


6 – I will stop blaming the cat

It’s true, I was the one that destroyed the living room chair last summer. From now on, I won’t blame the cat. (But there’s always the new puppy…)


7 – I will cuddle more

I am going to make my owner make time for more cuddling. Cuddling cures any bad day.


8 – I will stay on my side of the bed

In the past, I have pushed her off the bed. This year, I am going to (try) and stay on my side of the bed. (Though she could just get me that CalKing I have been hinting at…)


9 – I will stop Surfing the Counter

So I get the garbage thing (no, not really), but you take food off the counter, why can’t I? Well if really bothers you that much, I’ll stop (at least, when you are at home…)


10 – Dog Proof Your Home

Another one of the top vet bills are surgeries related to dogs eating things they shouldn’t: garbage, toys, wood, plastic, socks, you name it, it’s been swallowed. Keep your house doggy proofed to avoid a vet bill.


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