10 Most Popular Internet Dogs

Last Monday we talked about internet cats and now it’s time to shed some light on their canine counterparts. So, if you’re an avid dog person, you’re probably following all of these pups on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. If not, however – you’re in for a treat! Get it? Treat? Like a dog treat? Never mind…

Most of these “celebs” can afford thousands of balls and tons of dog chow, but they decided to make their owners a bit happier instead. That’s because dogs aren’t a-holes like cats. So, anyway, enjoy my list!

Marnie the Dog, 1.8 M followers on Instagram

He’s derpy, he’s funny and he’d the “face” of senior pet adoption. What’s not to love? He’s also 14 or 15 years old, and that tongue, my god, the tongue! Have you ever seen anything cuter? Wait, don’t answer that just yet.

Denver the Guilty Dog, 340k followers on Facebook
After going viral on Youtube (over 44 million views) for stealing cat treats, Denver became a real celebrity. She even managed to get her own children’s book series! Who’s a good girl?

Menswear Dog, 236k followers on Instagram + a crapload on Tumblr
The most stylish creature on this planet. Present company excluded. Seriously, how can it look this neat in human clothes? He’s like Barney from HIMYM, always rocking that suit.

Minnie and Max Pugs, almost 1.2 M followers on Facebook
There are two types of people: those who freaking live pugs, and the rest of the world. There’s no in-between, it seems. These two look like wrinkly old bread loaves, yet the internet adores them. They’ve even been featured on the Tonight Show, Ellen, Good Morning America, and many more.

Fifty the Two-Legged Pitbull, 342k followers on Facebook
Even with 50% of his legs Fifty still knows how to have fun, love humans and enjoy life in general. His tough survivalist attitude makes my eyes all watery, so let’s just move on.

Digby Van Winkle, 298k followers on Instagram
Wanna make your dog famous? Buy him some hipster swag and post a lot of pictures. You’ll have yourself an internet celeb in to time!

Boo, 17 M followers on Facebook
One of the first internet celebrity dogs, Boo, got really big after being called “the cutest dog on the planet” by Khloe Kardashian in one of her tweets about 6 years ago.

Tuna, 1.6 M Instagram followers + 192k Facebook fans
Meet the dog who has melted the hearts of the entire Internet. Tuna’s become popular after becoming a meme on reddit and imgur.

Mishka, 745k subscribers on YouTube
You’ve probably heard Mishka before saying “I love you” over and over again. But that‘s not all she can say. She can blame Obama, give a definitive “no” and even say “bye-bye”! Must have been a parrot in the previous life.

Corgnelius the Corgi, 600k Instagram Followers
First of all, I love corgis, especially their fluffy butts. Second, what better name for a corgi than “Corgnelius”? Surely, he’s not a social media millionaire, like Boo or Tuna, but he’s awesome enough to make it on this list!

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