10 Pups Eat Solid Food With Mom For The First Time And What A FEAST It Is!

What a sight to observe all ten puppies happily gobbling down their first solid meal with mama and papa dog on both ends Look at how well behaved they are! I mean for 10 pups, that’s quite an achievement! They don’t fight and eat quietly and yeah, actually have better manners than some kids haha! I’m quite amazed at these ten adorable babies; who would think that they’ll be such good pups!

As we watch them grow up, we take note of milestones like this and feel that sense of accomplishment that we successfully achieved another step towards raising fine young Labrador dogs. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, especially in this case, 10 puppies is a big litter!!!

Remember the milestones you had with your puppies while raising them? I bet you never had to raise 10 pups at a time…or have you? Lemme know! Oh and don’t forget to share and like this video if you celebrate the milestones of your puppies too.


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