10 Senior Pit Bulls That Need A Home Now

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month which shines a light on the gray-faced pets in shelters who are looking for a loving home to spend their golden years. Sadly, they are often passed by for younger pets.

Senior dogs are the best because they still love to play and go for walks but aren’t as rambunctious as puppies. They have already mastered the basic commands and just want a family to love.

One of the most overlooked senior dogs are pit bulls due to their age and stereotypes about the breed. Pit bull are devoted dogs who have more than once saved their families from harm. They have huge hearts and make great pets.

Meet ten good boy and girl pitties who are waiting in shelters around the country for someone to pick them. Will it be you?

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This 7-year-old sweetheart is waiting at Paws For Life K9 Rescue. She is a friendly pup who hopes to be spoiled as the only pet. Her bio on the rescue’s website reads, “I’m Lola! You’ll be mesmerized by my kind eyes and sweet face and you won’t be able to resist falling in love with me. I love meeting new people and spending my days around family. While I love a good walk around the neighborhood, I also enjoy lounging around and a good nap. I love attention, so I would prefer a home where I can be the center of your world as your only pet. I have so much love to give you won’t need another dog!”

Adopt her!


This gentle soul was living on the streets before being taken in by Footbridge Foundation. He gets along with dogs, cats, and everyone he meets. His hope is to experience a loving home and a soft place to nap. He’s a young 8 years old and is ready to experience the good things in life.

Ready to give him the second chance he deserves?

Apply to adopt Moony here.


Age is just a number. At 10 years old, Nyla still loves to play and go for walks, but what she loves most is attention. She is patiently waiting for her special someone at Frederick County Esther L. Boyd Animal Shelter.

Her caretakers shared, “This sweet hippo is ready for her new fur-ever home! She is approximately 10 years old. She’s a big baby always ready for some attention! She’s very friendly, bubbly and such an angel. She loves to be held, cuddles are her favorite and she is always in the mood for more pets! She enjoys going on walks and loves to play! She’s house trained, well-behaved and walks great on a leash! She is dog selective. Also, she is protective of her bowl when other animals are around and will need to be fed separate. If you have another dog, a meet and greet is required. She does great with children! She has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.”

Adopt her!


Bruno is the definition of a proper gentleman. He is estimated to be around 8 years old and has never met a person he doesn’t like. This handsome fella is waiting at Second Chance Animal Center for a forever home.

His bio on Petfinder states, “He loves playing with his canine friends then snuggling up on his bed for a snooze. He does well with cats and children as well! If you are looking to give an older dog a fresh start Bruno is just your boy!”

Learn more about him here.

Coco Honey

This darling 13-year-old ended up at Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center after her loving owner passed away. She is unsure about her new surroundings but is as sweet as her name sounds.

The shelter hopes to find her a forever home soon and wrote, “Coco Honey finds herself alone in a strange, loud place full of uncertainty… We are REALLY hoping that Coco Honey can live out the rest of her senior years in a warm, loving forever home, and not spend another day in the shelter. She is great with kids, other dogs, cats, and is fully housetrained. Coco Honey is a SUPER easy walker on the leash and is full of playful, loving energy. All she wants is for a human or family to love her forever.”

Are you her person? Learn more about her here.


Who doesn’t love lasagna?! The mellow senior is ready to show a lucky someone how to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. You can find him at Michigan Humane – Berman Center for Animal Care in Westland.

The rescue shared, “This older gentleman is looking for a sweet and relaxed retirement home to call his own. He loves living the laid-back lifestyle, he is looking for a family that can give him a big, comfy bed position in the sun so he can spend his days working on his tan while catching some much-needed zzz’s. He enjoys cuddling up with his family and soaking up all the love and attention he can get. In between his naps, Lasagna loves spending his time outside and going for sniffy walks in the park.”

Adopt him!

Grandma M

Don’t let her name fool you, this older lady still has “pep in her step”, according to her caretakers at Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue. She is roughly 10 years old who still enjoys short walks and patrolling for squirrels.

The rescue wrote, “There are two things that Grandma M loves the most, and that’s exploring new places or napping in a cozy nest of beds and blankets. While she doesn’t care much about toys or playing, she thoroughly enjoys her daily walks (AM, lunchtime, PM and once more before bedtime) 15-20 minutes of sniffy walks a day, and naps in between. M loves all people of all shapes, sizes and ages, and would prefer a home with kids old enough to know how to be gentle with her.”

Her ideal home would be where she is the only pet and with someone who is home more than they are gone. She loves to be around people. She is deaf but that doesn’t stop her from living life to the fullest.

Adopt her!


This sweet boy lived most of his life outdoors but is now looking for a soft place to rest inside a loving home. Oakland Animal Services has taken him in and is diligently searching for his “Guardian Angel”.

They shared, “At a seasoned 15 years, Kaine’s steps may be a bit slower, and he carries age-appropriate medical needs, but his heart is a treasure trove of love. This sweet soul showers kisses and exudes warmth, proving that love knows no bounds, regardless of age.”

The shelter is hoping to give him the life he deserves and said, “In the twilight of his years, let’s script a heartwarming chapter for Kaine – a tale of love, comfort, and cherished moments. Kaine dreams of a home where he can be spoiled, savoring each moment in a tapestry of love and kindness.”

Adopt him!


Lil has been going from one foster home to the next over the past year and hopes to find a forever home soon. Jameson Rescue Ranch hopes to find her person and shared, “Lil is a tripod, having been involved in a car accident years ago. She doesn’t let this stop her as she moves about as if she had all limbs. Lil has been through it all, from having a spacious backyard to living on a multi-leveled apartment complex. She loves to sniff and takes her time on walks. You will soon encounter her stubbornness when she becomes reluctant to continuing a walk and will instead stand there like a statue. Lil loves to make her bed with whatever is readily available, whether that is blankets or her guardian’s laundry!”

This silly girl is ready to be your one and only. She has a heart as big as her personality. Her caretakers added, “So if you are looking for a loyal, mellow, and smart companion with loads of personality, a thumping tail, and the softest fur… Look no further than Lil. She will make you smile on a daily basis!”

Apply to adopt her here.


This mellow senior is looking for someone who enjoys slow strolls and snuggling on the couch. He can be found at Richmond Animal Care & Control. The shelter shared a little more about the sweet old fella and wrote, “With the wisdom of age and a heart full of kindness, Igor is the epitome of a laid-back and mellow fellow! Igor’s idea of a perfect day involves leisurely strolls, basking in the warm sun, and cozying up beside you while you relax. He’s not one to chase after tennis balls or engage in high-energy antics; instead, he finds contentment in the simple pleasures of life. One of Igor’s most endearing qualities is his friendly and welcoming nature. He’s always happy to meet new people and is an expert at making you feel right at home!”

Does he sound like the perfect dog for you? Learn more about him here.

There are thousands of dogs waiting in shelters across the country waiting to shower their new person with unconditional love. No matter what age, breed, or size dog you are looking for you can find a new best friend at a shelter or rescue. Adopt don’t shop.

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