10 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy And Avoiding the Vet

We all want to save money and keep our pets happy. One way of doing both of these things is to keep our pet healthy and out of the vet’s office. Here are some tips to do just that.

1 – Feed High Quality Food

Your dog’s food directly relates to his health. Be sure you are feeding a high quality (no grocery store brands) food that is giving your dog everything he needs.


#2 – Titering & Vaccines

There is a lot of controversy around vaccines and titers right now. Just make sure you have talked to vet and done what it is necessary to prevent a costly vet visit later if your dog gets one of these preventable diseases.


#3 –  Caring for Skin

Jamie Ippolito, owner and founder of Paw Naturals says “much like the way winter weather can lead to dry, chapped skin in people, it can wreak havoc on your pup,” says Ippolito. “Moisturize their paws and skin with Coconut Oil to prevent the itching and cracking brought on by cold weather-related dryness. When it comes time for grooming, try using a moisture-rich shampoo like Earthbath Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Shampoo.”


#4 – Exercise

Of course, don’t forget Exercise! Ippolito reminds us that some breeds need more exercise than others, so be sure yours is getting enough to satisfy his energy level.


#5 – Watch Their Step

Something many of us do not think about: be aware of what your dog is walking on. Ippolito says, “Many lawns are treated with chemical-laden pesticides. The animal walks through it and licks his paws, ingesting the pesticide. It’s best to wipe their paws with a damp cloth after walks.”


#6 – Canine Conditioning

More than just exercise, these classes teach you how to work out your dog appropriately, so he doesn’t get injured doing any activity –from hiking to agility. It also helps you learn more about the way your dog moves, so you can catch any small problems early, before they become big vet bills.


#7 – Keep Them on Leash

Keeping your dog on leash is not only law, but it can keep him health and safe. Loose dogs can get lost, injured (hit by a car, attacked by another animal, etc).


#8 – Brushing Teeth

Dental health issues in dogs are very expensive. Help prevent them by brushing your dog’s teeth daily.


#9 – Keep Nails Short

It’s surprising how many people neglect their dog’s nails. Overgrown nails can get infected, break, and even dig into your dog’s paw pad, requiring surgery. Keep those nails trimmed and avoid the vet.


#10 – Dog Proof Your Home

Another one of the top vet bills are surgeries related to dogs eating things they shouldn’t: garbage, toys, wood, plastic, socks, you name it, it’s been swallowed. Keep your house doggy proofed to avoid a vet bill.


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