10-Year-Old Son Goes Missing. 18 Hours Later, Mom Follows A Frantic Barking Dog Into The Woods

A parent’s worse nightmare is when their child goes missing. Ten-year-old Kyle Camp was missing in 2012 from this Alabama home for nearly 18 hours. Once word got out that Kyle, who has autism, was missing, the community came together to help search. The next morning, the family dog, who had just given birth, ran up to rescuers barking.

They decided to follow her into the woods. After a mile-and-a-half trek, they found Kyle sitting in a creek with mother dog’s four pups. He was cold and wet, but the puppies were piled on top of him, and they likely helped keep him warm – and that probably saved his life. Authorities think that Kyle had gotten lost after he followed the puppies into the forest.

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Kyle’s dad said they don’t know what would have happened if the puppies hadn’t been there with Kyle. The mother dog gets the credit for leading everyone to Kyle. Share away, people.

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