100 Animals Stuck In Deep Floods Get A Second Chance At Life Thanks To Brave Rescuers

Pets and livestock were stranded amidst the awful flooding in Peru. Thankfully, rescue crews went out to search for and rescue these poor animals and bring them to safety.

Rescuers walked through waist-deep muddy waters to pull animals from wreckage before they would’ve drowned. Many were swimming around, struggling to stay afloat, while rescuers came by with make-shift boats to put them on.

They successfully rescued at least 100 animals including dogs, pigs and cattle, amongst many others. Sadly, nearly 500 perished in the floods, but the 100 that were rescued were brought to hospitals to be examined.
Once they were given a clean bill of health and treated for whatever injuries they may have had, they were put up for adoption.

In the video below, you’ll see one of the rescue dogs finding his new forever family. The couple who adopted him already have three dogs at home, all whom were also adopted; so this pup will now not only have new humans to love him, but also new doggy siblings!

A big thank you to these rescuers. Because of them, 100 animals are now safe, being well-taken care of, and have a second chance at life. Natural disasters like this cannot be prevented, but it helps to have a community who bands together like this to help not only the people but animals as well!

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