105lb Cane Corso terrified of tiny Shih Tzu

Zuri is a 105lb Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) who can look tough but is extremely gentle.

Rescued from a puppy mill at 11 months old, she is quite shy and has no idea of her size. Zuri loves her pink squeaky ball and will chase it anywhere… unless it gets too close to the fence separating her yard from that of Heidi, a 6lb Shih Tzu who rules the neighborhood.

Zu has come a long way! While she used to run and hide from Heidi’s barks, now she stands motionless near her ball, waiting for intervention. She refuses to move forward, despite coaxing from her owner.

The stand-off lasts about 5 minutes. Only after the neighbor brings Heidi inside does Zu work up the courage to retrieve her favorite toy!

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