11 Dog Photos That Would Make the Hottest Album Covers of the Year

It’s so hard to snap a photo of one pet looking relatively normal, let alone a group of dogs in a world full of distractions. That’s why we’re so impressed with these amazing dog photos! They turned out so well, they practically look like album covers.

These hipster dogs are really pulling off the blue steel. We’ve come up with some great band names here, but you might be inspired to come up with your own.

The Pupperton 5


Cabal of the Ball

Manny and the Animals feat: MC Weird Beard


Far Fetched: The Singles

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Three Pack



My pups ’bout to drop the hottest album of 2016

The Fifis

Wee Three Sheebs featuring Gary



Just a boy and his pibble

And this dog can’t wait to hear them all

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