11 Dogs Who Look Drastically Different After A Trip To The Groomer

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a salon and walking back out later with a totally fresh, new haircut, unless you’re a dog who’s grown fond of long, flowing fuzz — not to mention the dread most pups have for getting a nice bath!

Every time my mom takes her three maltipoos to the groomer, they come back looking like they were swapped out with different auburn, curly haired pooches. And like many of us humans, they also go through the awkward phase of growing out that initial closely-cropped coif.

Of course, they’re adorable with or without those mounds of fur piling up. Plus, letting them keep it nice and long in the winter is a great way to keep them warm, and vice versa for the warmer months, too.

Has your dog ever come back from the groomers looking totally different?

I think it’s going to take her a few days to feel comfortable without all her extra fluff.

I would definitely not believe this was the same dog I dropped off.

You can probably make five sweaters out of the pile of fur this pooch left behind.

Someone’s feeling much classier with his new look!

So that’s what was hiding under all those tangles — sass!

This trim was maybe just a little bit overdue.

This stoic pup clearly didn’t approve of such a drastic change.

If those spots didn’t match, I would have been making some accusations about the groomer switching my dog out with this transformation.

I love that they left the ears nice and fluffy on this golden doodle!

No one is going to recognize him at the dog park this week, but they’ll all enjoy the view.

Finally, the gift of sight has returned to this sweet boy!

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