This 11lb Dog and 500lb Lion Prove That Dogs And Cats Really Can Be Best Friends


You usually wouldn’t expect dogs and cats to be best friends, right? Well, what about a 500lb cat and an 11lb dog? Surprisingly, this duo have become the best of friends at the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.


Bonedigger the lion is partially disabled as a result of a metabolic bone disease he was born with. Some of the dogs at the park noticed that this lion was different, and they tentatively warmed up to the lion as a cub. Milo, a miniature dachshund, has developed a special bond with Bonedigger, and they’ve been friends for years now.


The two are inseparable, and this unlikely friendship is insanely cute.

04-Dogs-Cats-Friendsz 05-Dogs-Cats-Friendsz


Milo has no problem with the fact that Bonedigger is a gigantic lion while he’s just a tiny pup. He even likes to lick Bonedigger’s teeth, and has absolutely no fear of being bit.



These two cuties love to play and eat together. Their size doesn’t matter at all to their friendship, and they’re best buds.




If you want to see these two together, check out this short video.

[youtube id=”-b-VQI5smMI”]

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