12 Sweet Senior Dogs Celebrating Their Birthdays

Senior dogs are so special. They’ve been with their owners through it all, and they’ve proven themselves as the most loyal companions. So when it’s their special day, you just have to celebrate it.

Let’s wish these sweet senior dogs some very Happy Birthdays! 😀

1) This good dog doesn’t want much for his birthday. 🙂

2) “This is my dog Max! His 15th birthday just passed and you could never tell.”

3) “Last night we had a birthday party for my dog! Turned 10 years old, we invited all the neighborhood dogs over and it was a blast!”

4) “My dog just celebrated his 12th Birthday, he’s going blind and is kinda tubby, but he sure is cute.”

5) “She is 13 today”

6) “Today is this dog’s 11th birthday”

7) “My dog when I congratulated him with his 13th birthday”

8) “Happy 14th birthday Lucy, my miracle dog <3 (Mastino Napoletanos rarely live longer than 8 years)”

9) “My dog Saga died last weekend. This is a picture of her 15th birthday :`)”

10) “My friend’s dog having her 16th birthday treat.”

11) “Happy 14th Birthday to my best girl, Timber.”

12) “And this is my dog, Woofie, on his 14th birthday!”

Each and every one of them deserve the very best on their special day! 🙂

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