13 Hikers Saved By Dog After Lightning Strikes Down On A Mountain

Jonathan Hardman and his dog Rambo were just out for a hike on a beautiful day. They had no idea what was about to happen and that Rambo was going to become a hero.


Jonathan Hardman and his dog Rambo went hiking on Mount Bierstadt in Pike National Forest with a group of friends. The hike began with what started out as beautiful weather.
But, after reaching the top, the group noticed it became windy and chilly, so they started heading down. But there was no warning of lightning from their vantage point from 14,000 feet in the air.


About five minutes after they began their descent, this “one cloud came out of nowhere,” Hardman said. “I just feel this intense, awesome pain and I wake up on the ground with blood filling the back of my sunglasses. I couldn’t move my arms or legs.”
Hardman had no idea that he’d been struck by lightning, especially not straight on the top of his head. He slowly started to move his fingers, noticing his hands had turned blue and purple.


Doctors say that Rambo saved the life of Hardman and likely members of his group, by taking the large brunt of the bolt’s electric shock.

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