1350 days later and shelter surrendered pup finally finds his loving home

After having spent 1,350 days at the Main Line Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania, a six-year-old pittie mix named Coco finally has found his loving family. Should we remind everyone never to give up?

Coco arrived at the rescue organization in August 2019 after having been surrendered by his owner. Initially he was extremely shy, but the staff and volunteers worked with him; no surprise, the smart pup caught on quickly:

Coco has been excelling at meeting new people and is being SO brave. This past week he has met new people, and he was fine with them walking him immediately after a quick introduction. (As a background, Coco can have some stranger danger at first and looks to his trusted friends for guidance). Recently we have seen this boy become so confident with new friends and making such strides. He is trying so hard to find a family.

Coco never received many applications because people didn’t want to spend the time to earn his trust. He put in so much time at the rescue and worked so hard, and it had been truly heartbreaking when no one would even give him a second look.

He is incredibly loyal and faithful to his favorite people. One of Coco’s favorite humans at the rescue said he was her “best bud, my shelter son and the best boy.” Still hundreds of days went by and although a team of people loved him, trained him, took him on field trips and helped him get along better with other dogs, Coco waited.

About four months ago, Coco, the rescue’s longest resident, went to a foster home. He settled in comfortably, but through no fault of his own, he had to return to the shelter. During his time there, his friends at the rescue learned Coco was house and crate trained, a couch potato and also a lover of daily walks. He never destroyed or chewed on anything he wasn’t allowed to and never barked or annoyed people in any way.

There was no doubt – Coco is a good boy!

So here’s the part again, where everyone is reminded to never give up. One day someone visited Main Line and wanted to meet Coco telling the staff she wanted to adopt the pittie who needed the most help.

Coco has now fit into his new role as a family member, likes meeting people and is the most loyal friend anyone could ask for:

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