14 Cats Whose Favorite Beds Are Actually Dogs

There’s this myth going around that cats and dogs don’t get along. Well that’s simply not true – as long as the dog submits to its real purpose of being a big fluffy cat bed!

“Of course the dog is okay with our arrangement!”

“I prefer large, funny-smelling beds.”

“Perfect spot! Now don’t move, dog.”

“Yeah, this whole dog thing was a GREAT idea!”

“This is the kitten safe spot!”

“Ahh… perfect!”

“Dog? What dog?” 😛

“Ah yes, this is the life!”

“Just one more nap, then I’ll get back to bird-watching.”

“One pillow will not do.”

“I may NEVER move…” 😛

“How do you like my furry throne?”

“Just the right size!”

“This white fluffy pillow is the best!”

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