14 People Reveal The Best/Most Useful Dog Products They Ever Purchased

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1. Nylabone Power Chew

Anyone who has a power chewer knows that some dogs will chew with the front teeth to find a spot to tear open. This nylabone has held up to both my dogs’ chewing for three months now. So far, they haven’t chewed either end down, though it can get rough on the edges. No toy is permanent, but if you are looking for a toy that will last, this is one.

2. Kyjen Flirt Pole

Probably one of the best toys I have purchased. Our dog LOVES it, and despite people think I am carrying a whip around, I have zero complaints about it.

3. Sporn No-Pull Harness

It has been the best thing to happen to me and my dog! She was an awful puller and quite reactive, but the harness makes her feel safe and secure and allows her to get her exercise! I would recommend to anyone!

4. Dog Training Clicker

I am a huge fan of the clicker. I use it for teaching new skills and I really do notice the difference between training with a clicker and training without on. It always seems to take us longer without one, even with a strong verbal reward mark cue, just because it is nearly impossible to be truly consistent with your voice.

5. Grizzly Salmon Oil

Has done amazing things for his coat and it definitely has helped with his itchy skin,we only had to give him one aligery shot this year.

6. Cosequin DS

After 1 week, Cosequin is working beautifully on our 13-yr old German Shorthair Pointer. We have tried several other supplements with some improvement, but nothing like Cosequin…he’s jaunting around like a puppy. It’s quite remarkable, and I would recommend this to anyone who has an older dog who is showing signs of arthritis.

7. Kong Wobbler

Entertains her for a long time if I stuff it with peanut butter, yogurt, and kibble and freeze it, especially if I’m crating her and leaving for a few hours

8. The Furminator

I recommend it to anyone with a dog that sheds. There is a wide range of brushes to pick from. They are safe for your dog, they don’t cut their hair, it is mainly a De-Shedding tool, you basically go over your dog’s coat with it once or every couple of days while it is shedding and this will remove the dead hairs super fast compared to any other grooming brush out there.

9. Slo-Bowl

My puppy was a bit of a fast eater, he was making himself sick, so the first day he was actually sick from eating his food too fast, we went down to the pet store and got one of these. It actually works quite well. Compared to the 20 seconds it used to take him to finish his food, it now takes him at least 3-5 minutes.

10. Zukes Treats

These are literally the perfect training treats and my puppy loves them!! They are under 3 calories per treat which is awesome. They are small and handy which are great for training and her puppy teeth. Look no further and buy these if you are looking for training treats!!!

11. Wisdom Panel

Our dog was adopted from another pet owner. The pet owner didn’t have any information regarding her breed/ age or background. Always being curious, we finally ordered the DNA test and what a blessing and surprise. The findings were on point and very thorough. They went back a few generations on our dog.

12. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

No matter how much chomping they do, my retrievers cannot destroy this rubber fetch toy! Every dog I’ve had will destroy a fuzzy ball within a day because they are determined to get the fuzz off. There is no fuzz on Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Balls. The only reason I’ve ever had to replace one is because it landed in the top of my hedge and didn’t come down.

13. Rocco and Roxie Pet Stain Remover

Does an amazing job eliminating all smells and odors. I recently welcomed a new puppy home and this product is a LIFESAVER!

14. Other End of the Leash

Written by the brilliant animal behaviorist and renowned dog trainer Patricia Mcconnell. I highly recommend this book to all dog lovers/owners. She not only explains dog behavior, but human behavior as well. It’s easy to understand and really explains the parallels and differences between the two species. I know it’s helped me be conscious of my behavior around my dogs and the behavior my dogs are displaying. While this book won’t make you a specialist in dog or human behavior, it does lay a great foundation for understanding the relationship between dogs and their humans

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