This Puppy May Have Deformed Legs, But He Won’t Let That Slow Him Down!

We’ve seen dogs with deformities living a happy life. Dogs are very resilient and even if they have deformities, they won’t let that stop them from living a happy and full life. Just like the puppy in the video below.

Everyone, meet Baby Duke–a pup with legs that are severely deformed. But to Baby Duke, that doesn’t matter. To him, he’s a puppy who’s having fun, playing with his friends.


This cute pup is currently at the Little Paws of Love Rescue in Boca Raton, Florida. This no-profit organization is helping him get medical treatment for his legs.


Baby Duke’s legs may be deformed but he’s not letting that slow him down! He is one active and playful pup!


Watch the short video below and see how Baby Duke walks!

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