Human Tries To Make Her Dog Pull The Sled…Now Watch What Happens

Not all dogs are made to be sled dogs. Some are perfect in herding sheep, while some are great at guarding property.

As for Boxers, I think they are made to make us laugh. They say Boxers are the clowns of the dog world. So when this girl tried to make her Boxer pull the sled for her, she realized her dog didn’t want any part of it!

Watch the video below and see what her dog does!

[iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”550″]

LOL! This dog is not having any of it! He doesn’t wanna work, he just wants to run around and play!

So there you go guys, turns out, Boxers are not very good sled dogs. But they’re excellent in making us laugh!

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