15 Kids Who Have Been Hanging Out With The Pets For Far Too Long

Kids will be kids! Until they hang around the pets for too long, then they become dogs or cats. Monkey see, monkey do! Right? Sometimes it’s just like having a bunch of pets around the house!

Drinking milk with the cats. Why not?

Napping in the dog’s bed.

Learning how to be a cat.

“They heard their son making noises. Found him like this.”

Monkey see, monkey do!

Now I see why the dogs like this so much! 😀

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Just a game of puppy tug-o-war.

Just a couple of brothers. 🙂

To live like a cat, you must eat like a cat.

Learning the ninja abilities of a cat.

Admit it, we’ve all tried this once!

See how amazing this is, sis?

Fish out of water?

Taking turns!

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