15 Misbehaving Dogs That Can’t Hide Their Guilty Faces From Their Owners

Dogs are such wonderful companions. They always have a way of knowing when you need them the most, and when you come home in tears, they’ll cuddle up right there on the couch with you.

They’re also the first to make you laugh when you need a smile. Sometimes, the way they do this is by being very naughty.

While pups are man’s best friend, they’re also the household’s biggest troublemakers.

They get into the cabinets and scatter the garbage all over the floor. They get onto the bed right when you’re not looking. They dig in the dirt and track it all over your freshly steamed carpet.

But it’s the looks on their faces when you catch them that makes it almost impossible to stay mad at the precious creatures.

These 15 dogs that were caught red handed are sure to give you a good laugh. They’re also sure to make you need a hug from your own dog asap.

1. At Least There’s No Need To Open Or Close Doors Anymore


2. Looks Like We Got Here Just In Time


3. Stealing From Mom Again, Are We?


4. He Tried To Bury A Bone In A New Bag Of Fertilizer


5. When You Catch Him On The Bed And He Tries To Casually Roll Away


6. He’s Not Even A Little Bit Sorry About The Pillow


7. The Plants Are In The Pots For A Reason, Bud


8. So That’s Who Pooped On the Kitchen Floor, Huh


9. He Doesn’t Usually Break The Rules, But Today He Felt Rebellious


10. He Really, Really Doesn’t Like To Get His Nails Trimmed


11. You’ve Got To Give Him Credit For Opening The Fridge


12. No Wonder The Dog Bed Smelled Weird


13. Someone Really Didn’t Like His Dog Bed


14. Someone Had To Go To The Bathroom


15. So That’s How The Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Getting Into Our Cat Food


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