15 People Who Look Just Like Their Dogs

Talk about a match made in doggy heaven! Did you know that some studies suggest that people are more inclined to choose dogs that look like them? Sounds crazy to me.

But this list of 15 people who look like their dogs proves those theories correct…Or at the very least, they are super fun to browse through.

1. They look like brother and sister

2. They even have the same mustache!

3. Naptime.

4. Smile for the camera.

5. That dog is giving me #HairGoals

6. Girls brunch never looked so fun!

7. Ready for our close up.

8. The little poof gives it away.

9. Tongues out!

10. These two need a bath ASAP.

11. They are not amused.

12. The hairstyles in the 80s was EVERYTHING.

13. I wonder what they are looking at?

14. We need to make a list of dogs wearing hats.


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