These 15 pets were left with the sitter, and now their owners totally regret it

As much as we love our pets, there are times we have to leave them for an extended period of time. And that’s what the sitter is for. But these owners now regret leaving their furbabies with the sitter, and you’re about to see why… 😀

1) “My sister asked me to bring her dog from Dallas to Austin so I sent her this picture and said we were on the way.”

2) “I come home to my dog like this and my mom laughing hysterically in her room.”

3) “I left my niece alone with my dog for 20 minutes and came back to this…”

4) Like the new hairpiece?

5) “Treating Separation Anxiety”

6) “This is what happens when you let your boyfriend take the cat to the groomer.”

7) Taking dog walks seriously…

8) Asked dad to watch the Pug… he really likes Star Wars.

9) “My brother asked me to dogsit. Am I doing it right?”

10) “I leave my roommate alone with my cat for ONE WEEK and this is what happens…”

11) When the sitter pampers your dog more than you do…

12) “I asked my mom how my dog was doing in Florida. She responded with this”

13) What did you feed him??

14) This is why he’s not allowed out in the snow.

15) Note: don’t let the cat play with the slinky.

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