15 Reasons You Should Never Even Think About Adopting An English Bulldog

Looking to adopt a dog? Well don’t even think about going after an English Bulldog! We put together a list of 14 reasons you should stay far away, as if you even need that many. You just don’t want one, trust us. 😉

They don’t respect their elders.

Did I mention how crazy they are??

I mean, you can’t take them anywhere.

They never stop running around your house…

They’re big-time party poopers!

They’re not above giving you “the look” when disappointed.

They HATE car rides.

They hate going out.

Their faces basically melt on your lap.

They don’t get along with others.

They’re so uncooperative.

They’re not good around children…

Those wrinkles and big paws… ugh.

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