15 Times Pets Got Into Trouble And Tried To Blame It On Somebody Else

Our animals might be adorable but they have also been known to tell a few whoppers from time to time. While cats and dogs tend to come from two completely different worlds, they will usually behave in a similar manner once they are caught lying. That’s what makes these animals so hilarious.

We can all relate, after all. Everyone has had similar experiences with their own pets. If you do not believe us, be sure to read on and check out these 15 hysterical photos of cats and dogs who got caught in the act! These are some of the worst liars that we have ever seen but we love them all the same. Brace yourself to laugh until your stomach hurts…

1. “There’s no way I could have eaten your lipstick! I don’t even know what lipstick is!”

2. “Cat? I don’t know any cats. You must have the wrong person, sorry.”

3. “Who dives into a chocolate jar, honestly? I would never think of doing such a ridiculous thing.”

4. “Oh, you’re home early? I was just trying to clean up the blinds for you.”

5. “I did not steal this sandwich from anyone. I was merely holding onto it for a good friend of mine.”

6. “Is there something wrong with what I am wearing? No problem. Let me just go change real quick.”

7. “I’m merely following the fashion advice from the dog above, so I’m not in trouble right?”

8. The cat’s facial expression is what makes this picture. It’s like they are happy to see the dog get caught in the act.

9. “There is absolutely nothing to see here. All we have been doing is standing in this one spot for the entire day.”

10. Gee, we wonder who could possibly be the guilty party here. It is such a mystery.

11. This is totally normal. We are not at all unnerved by this photo. In fact, it is YOU that is unnerved.

12. “How could you even think that I would go play in the mud? That does not even sound like something that I would do.”

13. “Feathers!? How did these get here? I’m going to have to ask you a few questions about this one.”

14. “Well, excuse me! This is the thanks that I get for actually trying to tidy up around here a little bit.”

15. We’re not sure if he’s sharing…or trying to pin the crime on the stuffed animal.

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