15-Year-Old Dog Left Behind Like Unwanted Trash – Found Alone In Abandoned Home

For many of us, the idea of leaving our dogs at home so that we can go to work each morning is almost too much to bear. That’s what life is like for responsible pet owners and some will even resort to video chatting with their pets in the middle of a work day, just so they know that their beloved parents are coming back to them soon enough.


But can you believe that there are people out there who are able to leave their house forever and not take their dog with them? We cannot fathom this level of carelessness and wonder how someone could ever be so cruel to an innocent animal.\

Sadly, this is a common reality. Families move away and they decide that their dogs cannot come with them. Instead of doing the right thing and finding a suitable home for the animal before taking off, they simply run away from their responsibility without a second thought.

Ebony the dog recently experienced this cruel twist of fate when her family moved away and left her in their abandoned home to fend for herself. The senior dog is 15 years old and the chances of her being adopted are slim, as people tend to want a puppy to bring home, as opposed to an animal that is in their twilight years.

Whatever her family’s reason for abandoning her was, her disposition has little to do with. She is a sweet, kindhearted dog who is struggling to move around in her old age. This dog deserves to live out her final days with dignity, but her former owners deprived her of the opportunity to do so.

Ebony is currently residing at a foster home, wondering what will happen to her next. Instead of curling up with a friendly owner and keeping their feet warm at night, she is left to consider a life without love or companionship. Fortunately, the foster home workers are providing Ebony with plenty of affection and attention during the meantime.

Just take a look at this adorable lady!

With any luck, she’ll locate a great forever home soon and get to spend her final years with a family that would never abandon her. Ebony deserves a nice, warm bed to sleep in and we hope and pray that she finds it. No animal should ever be left behind, no matter what the circumstance are. Please share away, everyone! Find more info about her here:

Desperate Dogs of Long Island

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