15-year-old dumped senior too scared to move from corner at Georgia shelter

In Polk County, Georgia, a 15-year-old senior was surrendered to the shelter by his owner. How does one explain to Butch, who has lived in one home all of his life, that his owner no longer cares if he lives or dies? Tragically, this senior seems to understand the betrayal; he lies in the corner of the his shelter cage and shakes, but refuses to budge. And there comes the real concern; who will want to adopt Butch?

Butch was surrendered to the Polk County, GA Animal Adoption and Recovery Shelter on October 16. He is listed as a Labrador retriever and boxer mix. When inquiring about this dog, please reference 36834619.

“This is Butch; he is 15 yrs old and was surrendered by his owner. He has done nothing but sit in his kennel since he’s gotten here and shake. Hopefully we will build up enough trust and can farther test this boy before it’s too late,” volunteer Shannon Hicks posted on Facebook.

On Saturday, Shannon was able to leash Butch and slowly began to walk out of the kennel. Within ten feet of the door, the poor guy became so scared and overwhelmed, he pulled his way back into the building.

“I just let him go back in, and he went into his kennel and laid back down in the corner. He didn’t growl or bite, but just got so scared that he didn’t want to walk or anything. We will keep trying but it’s tough in  this environment,” Shannon posted.

Share Butch’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Additional information for Butch can be found here. Make sure to reference 36834619. We are all he has. Please help him find a safe home.

(Photos and video by Shannon Hicks)



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