This Guy Loves His Dogs So Much, He Wrote A Silly Song For Them

You know how in musicals, whether it’s a movie or on stage, the characters have those moments where they become so full with emotion that they just have to sing their hearts out about it? I’ve always thought how amazing that would be if we could do that in real life, too! All of us walking around, going about our daily routine when we suddenly feel the urge to belt out a melody or two! It would definitely make the humdrum days way more interesting.

This guy apparently feels the same way, at least when he’s thinking about his adorable dog buddies! Really, what dog owner hasn’t been inspired to serenade their pup every now and then? I know my friends and I liked to make up little ditties for our pooches, but we definitely never got on this guy’s level. It’s clear there’s a lot of love between him and his cuties!

He focuses on one of his handsome fellas at first, the impressively named Willis Jefferson Brown. According to the catchy tune, he happens to be the “fastest dog in town.” And wait until you see his impressive climbing skills.

But as the song gets to the chorus, he reveals his other, less energetic dog: Mudge. The goofy name perfectly fits the lazier pup who prefers lounging on the couch. They’re both super-adorable, though, and I have a feeling this funny song will be stuck in my head all day.

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