Little Girl Performs An Adorable Check-Up On Her Very Patient Dog

Having both dogs and children in one home can definitely feel like a handful now and then. I’ve seen tons of parents struggle to wrangle in all the hectic commotion caused by their four and two-legged cuties, which I totally understand. But I can say with absolute certainty, having grown up with several pups myself, that the relationship between a kiddo and their pooch is one of the most rewarding friendships a person can experience!

Not only do they get to spend plenty of time cuddling and snuggling up with the coziest buddy they could ever have, they can also teach each other tons of important lessons. For instance, this little girl is learning all about patience thanks to her sweet pup. The dog’s name is Nala and she’s the perfect picture of calm while the toddler performs a thorough check-up! What an adorable way to practice for this future doctor.

Dressed in some comfortable Little Mermaid pajamas rather than scrubs, the video shows how she carefully checks Nala’s paws, ears, and mouth with her toy instruments. Her mom reminds her to be “gentle” with the good-natured pup’s ears, but this li’l doc has the soft hands of an expert! I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time Nala has had the procedure, nor will it be the last! It’s also hilarious to see their other, smaller dog barking and hopping around behind them in complete contrast to Nala’s stoic demeanor.

Take a look below to see the tiny physician give her bestie a clean bill of health.

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