Woman Proposes To Her Boyfriend With The Help Of An Adorable Pug

When I was smaller, I struggled with the idea that a woman could propose to a man if she wanted to marry him. I didn’t see anything wrong with the gesture, I was just stuck on the image of a woman getting down on one knee, when I had only seen men to that!

Nowadays, the idea isn’t as foreign to me, but I still wonder how women would go about this task if they didn’t want to use the traditional way to propose. And so far, I’ve seen how women have come up with clever and creative ways to ask for their partner’s hand in marriage. And then there are those who stick to the basics, and simply ask the question!

One woman named Laura found one of the most adorable ways to propose to her boyfriend on February 29. She enlisted the famed Batpug to help her in her endeavor!

The Batpug sits on a couch in a little bow tie and a costume, but it’s what’s under his paws that’s making our eyes well up! The pup’s owners filmed him with cards at his paws, on which was written what Laura wanted to tell her boyfriend. And of course, it all culminates in the proposal…

Watch the clip to see how he reacted to the Batpug!

[iframe id=”http://www.littlethings.com/video-embed.php?vid=shAO9CDD&dfpid=14535″]

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