16 Guilty-Looking Dogs Who Didn’t Make The Mess

Mom and Dad just walked in on some huge messes, but the guilty-looking dogs sitting amongst the rubble definitely did not do it! It’s not what it looks like, they swear and promise. Now, to find the actual culprits…

“Mom gave me a wee-bit of ‘freedom’ last night out of my crate so I repayz her with toilet paper confetti!”

“Mum, Dad you should’ve seen it when you were out my bed just exploded!”

“Monty had an eventful night.”

“Hmm, I wonder who got into the garbage??”

“Oops… you’re home early.”

“It’s not what it looks like…”

“The cats did it, I’m sure of it.”

“You are what you eat… in Kiwi’s case, a bag of chips”

“I swear mummy the toilet roll exploded and I’m just trying to tidy up the mess”

“Mummy!!! Look at the mess daddy’s made!”

“My toy exploded!”

“It really isn’t what it looks like…I promise!”

“It snowed in my room, courtesy of Maggie Dog.”

Caught red-pawed.

“I redecorated for you Mom”

“I have no idea what happened here!”

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