These 17 Massive Puppies Still Have A Lot Of Growing Left To Do

How are these puppies so big already? Oh my goodness!

1) “I have a lot of growing to do, human!”

2) “What? Never seen a huge puppy before?”

3) “Enjoy this while you can, human!”

4) “This couch will do… for now.”

5) “Gonna need a bigger yard…”

6) “Just think, I still have to grow into these paws.”

7) Huge puppy, huge fluff!

8) “Growing up makes me tired!”

9) “I’m catching up to you, dad!”

10) A big puppy needs big toys!

11) “How much bigger do I have to get to be able to sit in the front seat?”

12) “See this paw? You just wait, human!”

13) “Dad, I hope you always hold me like a puppy.”

14) “You’re in for a BIG surprise someday, mom!”

15) “I don’t even feel the snow through this fur!”

16) “Being a big puppy is a lot of work!”

17) “I’m gonna keep growing, but I’ll always sit on your lap!”

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