17 Photos To Show That Dogs Are Truly One Of A Kind

Dogs are definitely a little different and one of a kind, but we love them for it. It’s what makes them so special and amazing.

The 17 photos below are proof of just how wonderfully unique they truly are. They may be derps, but they’re our adorable derps! 😀

They’re always the life of the party!

They just want to boop and be booped.

These two who didn’t think it through.

This good boy who just wants to play no matter what.

He’s not sick, just lazy. 😛

She’s part of the family now.

Enjoying the dog park. 😉

“They say pets look like their owners”

Just dropping by to say hi.

This dog with questionable decision-making…

This dog who made a big discovery.

This one going about things a different way…

They have their ways and their reasons…

This dog just being himself.

This dog just trying to blend in…

“My Golden Retriever likes to sleep under the toilet”

“My new fur scarf, isn’t it FABULOUS?!?!”

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