17 puppy best friends — because you need more puppies in your life

There’s nothing like having a best friend. The puppies pictured below have found theirs, and it’s way too adorable.

1) Best friends for life.

2) Vanilla and Nutmeg working through some stuff. 😉

3) Two troublemakers who are up to no good.

4) And two best friends on their best behavior!

5) Just a couple of adventurous pals.

6) Some pals on a play date.

7) Roommates and best buds.

8) Cuddle buddies are the best.

9) These two don’t care about their size difference!

10) Just wrestling around.

11) Time to rest after a long day of playing.

12) These two pals met at school. 🙂

13) It was love at first sight for these two.

14) A trio of pals just relaxing on the couch.

15) When car rides are very tiring…

16) Having a friendly stare down.

17) Nothing like a road trip with a pal.

There, don’t you feel better now? 😛

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