These 17 Senior Dogs Got A Second Chance At Life, And Their Faces Say It All

When people look to adopt a new pet, they generally want one that they can train and that will be with them for a long time. Sadly, it’s for these reasons that a lot of older shelter dogs get overlooked.

The Mr. Mo Project, a charitable organization that focuses on helping senior shelter dogs, hopes to change the stigma of adopting an older pooch. So, in order to raise awareness, they snapped stunning portraits of these dogs. Just try looking at these without tearing up a little!

The Mr. Mo Project is a charitable organization for senior dogs.

It rescues senior dogs who have been passed over by prospective adopters and forgotten and helps them find their forever homes.

The organization doesn’t stop there, either!

Mr. Mo Project also covers all of these dogs’ medical expenses—for the rest of their lives.

It gives these pooches the chance to enjoy their senior years with family and friends.

Photographer Stacey Gammon captured these wonderful images of just a few of the dogs Mr. Mo Project has rescued.

The organization doesn’t care if a dog has been abandoned because of a serious medical issue or a behavioral problem—it’s there to help no matter what.

It’s an amazing act of kindness, and as you can tell by this pup’s face, it’s one that’s definitely appreciated.

Just look at the lovable Zorro! 

Sweet-faced Johanna is as cool as a cucumber.

Malcolm has such a friendly smile.

Salvador’s portrait almost looks like a painting, no?

Patsy likes reading under the covers on rainy days.

The new set of wheels just made Panda even spunkier!

Diamond is a true gem.

Millie is such a fluffy muppet!

They call him Professor. He’s got a PhD in cuddling.

Looking at these portraits, it’s hard to imagine that someone wouldn’t want these amazing dogs to be a part of their family. It’s lovely that this organization has recognized their value and given them the treatment they deserve. Here’s how to donate to the Mr. Mo Project.

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