Mom Films Her Adorable Herd Of Dogs Sleeping Peacefully

It was a perfectly normal Easter afternoon. The morning weather had been beautiful and the whole family got together for a giant feast filled with laughter, love, and fun.

But that family has more than just a couple of children, cousins, parents, and grandparents — that family includes a huge number of adorable dogs. That’s because this home is big enough and has all the proper certifications and crew to double as an amazing doggy daycare!

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Owner and operator Brenda Langley loves dogs so much that she started up “Lucky Puppy,” a 100 percent cage-free daycare and boarding facility on 13 acres of beautiful Michigan land, featuring a three-acre playground and huge bone-shaped swimming pool.

But apparently, the dogs in this amazing video all had their fare share (and a bit extra) of delicious Easter dog food. So after eating up such a large feast, they all were completely knocked out and just had to sleep the whole meal off.

When Langley saw that just about every single one of her dog friends was in a deep slumber, she knew she had to break the camera out to share it with the world. They say to “let sleeping dogs lie” and this woman knows that as a fact!

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