These 18 dogs prove life is far more interesting with a pet

In case you were wondering if life is better with a dog, this is the post for you. And if you’re already a dog owner, you’ll understand and agree with all of this!

1) Somehow they ALWAYS find the mud.

2) “I have no idea what that is. Help.”

3) There’s always enough room…

4) “Okay, this should be enough space.”

5) “Fetch or tug-of-war, fetch or tug-of-war…?”

6) It’s cute when they think they know what they want.

7) This after a long day.

8) “I’m just another doggy!”

9) “That loud machine outside always makes my paws turn green.”

10) Aww… 🙂

11) “I WILL get this!’

12) Food is the top priority.

13) “Umm, someone help me.”

14) “It had to be done.”

15) Yep, pretty much!

16) “I gave you something, human!”

17) “Ninja-mode, activated.”

18) “It’s not a good toy unless I can destroy it.”

Life is better with dogs! Share this if you agree. 🙂

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