19 Dogs Who Found Themselves In Some Peculiar Situations

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it continues to get the best of dogs too! The 19 dogs in the pictures below just had to investigate and explore, and now they’re in some very peculiar situations.

“Dog poorly playing hide and seek, but loving it.”

When you just want to look out the window…

Stuck in a sweater! D:

The best view!

“What’s in here??”

When you forget how to sit…

“She ate through her bed and got herself caught.”

When you’re just trying to play…

“We need more soda.”

Dog problems.

Favorite spot on the couch!

“Derp in a swing.”


“How does my human do this??”

“No need to wine. Everything is ok.”

Heidi stuck in a cat toy!

“Oh look a quarter”

“…I can see my house from here!”

“They just keep getting stuck. But it’s fine.”

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