19 Dogs Who Only Got Better Looking With Age

Some things just get better with age. The BuzzFeed community shared pictures of their puppies growing up into dogs, and somehow they’re only getting cuter and better looking the older they become! Take a look for yourself. 🙂

Paddington at 10 weeks old and 2.5 years old.

Midas, eight weeks old vs. eight months!

Mac at eight weeks old and 36 weeks old.

From eight weeks old to a year and eight weeks!

Cubbie all grown up!

Age looks good on Lucy!

Sedona the Bernese Mountain dog from birth to 1.5 years old!

Maverick at two months vs. Maverick at 10 months.

Lady getting older and wiser.

Grux, eight weeks and two years.

From eight weeks old to a year.

Cocopuff is getting bigger and bigger!

Mable at eight weeks old and three years old.

Fergus the Scottish deerhound at three months and three years!

Cali growing on up!

Beau from three months to almost two years!

Otis, one month vs. six months.

Kuma at 12 weeks and again at nine months.

Wilson, the cutest and goodest boy.

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