These 2 Best Friends Have Spent Their Days Roaming The Streets. But Now, Look At Their Smiles!

Rescue From The Heart, an animal rescue group in Los Angeles, received a call about two little dogs who were roaming the streets. They immediately went to where they were so they could rescue them. When they saw them, the rescuer threw pieces of food to them. Although friendly looking, these two pups were very hesitant and nervous. When one of them went closer to grab the food, the other one stayed behind and barked.

They set up a trap to try to get the dogs. They used a big crate and put food in it. When the pup went inside, they closed the door. They didn’t even need a trap to get the other dog. He was much more trusting and allowed them to put the leash on him with no problem. They drove them to Hands, Paws & Hearts, and decided to name the two dogs Monica and Chandler. They bathed them both and got them looking clean and cute as ever! Since they have always been together on the streets, these two pups are the best of friends. Now, they get to play together all while being safe, loved and taken care of! Thank goodness they got their happy ending and as second chance at life!

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