2 Horribly Abused Pit Bulls Meet for the First Time. My Heart Can’t Handle What Happens!

Everyone, meet Cadence and Chance. These two Pit Bulls were both horribly abused. They were rescued separately. Cadence was badly injured when she was rescued. Her face was full of injuries. They speculated that Cadence was used as a bait dog. She was such a good and gentle dog when they rescued her. On the other hand, Chance was scared and terrified when they first spotted him. They had to be patient with Chance, and it took some time to earn his trust. Turns out, when they gained his trust, Chance was in fact a very sweet dog.

So what happens when these two dogs meet for the first time? Well something sweet and adorable happened! You won’t believe how these two are so into each other! Watch the video below and you’ll see what I’m talking about! I’m sure this is gonna make you smile!

Aren’t they the sweetest? They call it the Pit Bull dance! When they first met they liked each other instantly! In fact, not only did they play around, they were also licking each other when they first met! So cute and so sweet!

You can watch the video of Cadence rescue on this link. And you can watch Chance’s rescue video on this link.

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