2 Horribly Abused Pit Bulls Meet for the First Time. My Heart Can’t Handle What Happens!

Everyone, meet Cadence and Chance. These two Pit Bulls were both horribly abused. They were rescued separately. Cadence was badly injured when she was rescued. Her face was full of injuries. They speculated that Cadence was used as a bait dog. She was such a good and gentle dog when they rescued her. On the other hand, Chance was scared and terrified when they first spotted him. They had to be patient with Chance, and it took some time to earn his trust. Turns out, when they gained his trust, Chance was in fact a very sweet dog.

So what happens when these two dogs meet for the first time? Well something sweet and adorable happened! You won’t believe how these two are so into each other! Watch the video below and you’ll see what I’m talking about! I’m sure this is gonna make you smile!

Aren’t they the sweetest? They call it the Pit Bull dance! When they first met they liked each other instantly! In fact, not only did they play around, they were also licking each other when they first met! So cute and so sweet!


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  1. karensharley

    Thank you so much for sharing this and rescuing these beautiful dogs! It broke my heart though when I seen the picture of you rescuing the one, (I believe it was Chance) at the end. He was terrified! God bless you for the work you do for Pitt Bulls! They have both found a new best friend in each other!! I hope they get to stay together!

  2. Kathy Brasler

    Cried like crazy sobbing along while my family upstairs Everyone who sees this video rescue a dog to save a life So many sweet souls just like Cadence and Chance abused, brutally killed, euthanize daily in the shelters Open you heart and adopt But always remember pet for a life Pet is your baby that you can’t abandon , its your family Help to save those beautiful creatures please I have a stray dog that i adopted form the shelter . I was scared when i first saw her She came to me from 6 hrs away never saw her before She was confused, wild I was scared i never had a bid dog before. Its took some adjustment time to teach her and make all us comfortable together. Now she is our baby for 4 years . We love her so much . Anyone want adopt a pit e mail to me moldavskiyh@aol.com

  3. Jim Selter

    Cute video Full Bulls but here is what I see….call me whatever…..”meet for the first time” almost immediate whale eye from male… no collars or leads….female appears to be in heat and male is in tact…..glad they are safe,but lets get them to the next level slowly….www.facebook.com/fullbulls

    • 1116roth

      As the owner of a rescued pitt mix….I agree….I remember the first time I got the eye from Delilah it was a little unnerving and I was not sure how to react, all she did was look at me sideways from a laying position but it was a little scary until she reached over and licked me to death…….having rescued Malamutes & Huskies I was use to big dogs but not “that look” …..even though she is sweet and very gentle (Sleeps with 3 rescued cats) I never take for granted she was not treated well and would never introduce her to another animal without a lead …as with we humans, there is no guarantee they will like each other immediately….cute video and I hope all goes well….

  4. Spelfie Morgan

    I like how he started to slightly roll and expose he underbelly, which is in the doggie world is a sign of trust and playfullness. I disagree with the female being in heat. Her genitalia are not enlarged, and the one time he tried to sniff her back end she turned away. I have previously seen the videos of their rescues, and think this introduction is adorable!

  5. FosterCat

    I wish they wouldn’t ruin their videos with music. Just let us listen to what the dogs and people are saying. That’s enough soundtrack.

  6. Pamela Slagel

    the male was definitely showing dominance luckily the female bowed down to him. if she was more dominate this would not have been such a great meeting. I agree with those that stated they should have collars and leads on, even if the first few minutes were fine, it can change in an instant, I had 2 and they would get along great for a year at a time and then have a knock down drag out fight, I was hurt trying to get them to stop and then a day later they were friends again, they never went after other dogs but would get on each others nerves like any married couple I guess I learned to watch the signs and the leads went on till I felt the shift in their moods

  7. JESS both

    LIESSSS Chance wasn’t abused he’s the puppy of my dog and he wasn’t scared or skid dish he runs up to everyone shows just how anyoje will lie disgusting

    • Elaine Covert-Stewart

      If he is a puppy of yours why didn’t you have in a contract that he would come back to you if his home didn’t work out? ? That is the problem with breeders they are not responsible for the dogs they produce! Just breed dogs to end up in a shelter.

      • monkeycat

        Wth are you talking about?? There are so many things wrong with what you said. 1. He never said he was a breeder. He said the dog was a puppy of his dog. 2. What are you talking about to come back if the home didn’t work out? He’s saying that the people who made this video are lying about the dog having come from an abused home. Where did you get that it didn’t work out? Or that anyone would have or did return the dog?? 3. Where are you getting that a dog ended up in a shelter here?? 4. There are no details as to what the author means by “rescued”…. What makes you think such a contact provision would change anything here?

        I think you missed that the point in the comment is that someone is lying…. According to Jess, that would be the author. Who knows, maybe jess is lying. However… Your response makes no sense either way.

    • Jessie Freeman

      I’m not sure how you know so well what happened to this dog since they found him out wandering the street filthy and terrified… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQFilJwWbhQ

      It would depend on your definition of abuse. I think not properly tagging and chipping your pet then letting them free to wind up wherever they may, filthy and alone, is a form of abuse. They never said he was beaten, they just stated it took time to earn his trust.

      If this is, however, your dog, I daresay the disgusting part is how he wound up left to fend for himself in a city, not that someone called that abuse.

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