2 Weeks After Dog Goes Missing, Stranger Confesses He Found Him On A Highway

When we have to leave our pets for a long period of time, it’s undeniable that we feel a bit of guilt in our hearts.

But, life catches up to us all. And sometimes, we have to take vacations and leave our four-legged babies at home.

And if not for our own vacation, sometimes our dogs themselves need their own time. To be pampered and get away from our sometimes crazy homes!

So, we resort to pet care facilities. Whether you’re leaving your pet to get their grooming done, or you’re leaving them to be taken into care while you get your own TLC, the trust you’re putting in these people is very important.

Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll get let down. And for Brian Cudahy and fiancé Roxanne Ullman, that’s what happened when they left their puppy Patches at Sacramento Pet Resort and Spa.

They left Patches there in the boarding facility, but soon after, got a phone call saying that their furry baby escaped the outdoor fence.

Their hearts broke, and they looked for their dog for two weeks.

Losing hope with worry overwhelming them, but then they got the call.

Thankfully, someone found Patches, and this video shows their tearful reunion.

If you have a pet you know how horrible this feeling must be! So, Sacramento Resort and Spa made sure to repair their fence, and hopes to show the changes at their facility to all of those in the dog community that choose to give them the chance.

Sometimes, mistakes happen, thankfully, this one ended happily.


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